Shake It Up

First, let me start off by apologizing for the quality of the pictures this time around. Caffeine and cameras (especially on macro setting) don’t mix. Reference

Progress is being made on the socks:

Socks in progress

The second Taiga sock is started with the color progression matching that of the first sock (after rewinding the ball.) The Pro Natura sock is about to get the heel done on it (I think. I have to measure first, which means finding my tape measure, which is somewhere in the vicinity of my sewing machine.)

And here is one of Mr. Penney’s birthday presents from me:

 Mr. Penney’s B-day present

It is merino yarn to make a sweater (I will be doing the knitting, not Mr. Penney.) It is dyed with natural dyes by my friend Juanita. She, and a few other members of the Warped Weavers, have a booth (or tent) at the MSWF, and while there this year, I was constantly asking Mr. Penney what colors he was attracted to. Finally, he came across the red and the green here and said that this is what he liked. Unfortunately, the actually skeins that he chose were part alpaca, which I have no problem with, but give Mr. Penney unpleasant flashbacks. (A blog entry for another time.)

I went back to Juanita’s tent the next day and found that she had the same colors in 100% merino, so I picked  up all that she had in those colors, plus some neutrals so help separate the complementary colors some. I am thinking that this might be a zip front, argyle sweater; but I will have to consult with Mr. Penney, as he is the one that will be wearing it.

And, as promised, here is Bogey’s new bedding:

Bogey’s new bedding

It figures that this is the one really clear picture, being that there is dog hair all over the thing. Granted, it is no great shakes, as far as sewing skills go, but I did do French seams to avoid fraying everywhere; and it is my first time sewing in a zipper. I am trying to work up my skills to the point that I will be able to make myself a dress shirt. (The curtains aren’t really that hard to do, since it is all straight lines. It is just a matter of awkwardness with all of the material lying there.)

3 thoughts on “Shake It Up

  1. I love Bogey’s bed, it is so cute! How about a picture of him in it? Your socks are looking great and I can’t wait to see what you do with all that fabulous yarn in argyle for Mr. Penney.

  2. How do you like the Pro Natura? I just started a pair of socks with it and I’m *loving* it.

    Bogey’s bed is lovely! And you may dis the straight lines, but that’s a lot more then I can do! The sewing machine is like unto a mystical magic machine, so I’m in awe of your straight line sewing skills.

  3. Have you seen David Paige Coffin’s Shirtmaking book? I thought it was a great resource for info on making dress shirts. You can borrow my copy if you don’t have/can’t get one of your own. (With apologies if you’ve already written about this; I haven’t read your archives.)

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