Do the Kangaroo Hop

I couldn’t find a CD for it, so the DVD of the movie it comes from will have to do. Reference

The question came up of whether Mr. Penney likes the socks I made him, and to that I can only say, “I don’t know.” Of course, only one of the socks is done, at the moment, so he’d only be able to hop around anyway.

Taiga sock side view Taiga sock front view

That’s not his foot in the pics, either. So if he doesn’t like the socks, it looks like I will have a new pair, and I will make something a little tamer for him.

While on vacation, I was going to start the second sock for the Taiga pair, but I wasn’t sure which end of the yarn to start from so that the second sock would match up with the first. The lighting was pretty low in the room, and with the yarn being just shades of green, my eyes just could not make it out. Luckily, I brought backup knitting with me….

Trekking Pro Natura

Yes, I tempted fate by bringing my old nemesis (ok, maybe not that old) on vacation with me. I am destined to conquer!

To tell you the truth, I am still kind of unsure about this yarn. Not because of the yarn itself, but because of the patterning of the colorway; or more specifically, the lack of patterning on the colorway. I think that might be do to my need for symmetry and the stitch pattern that I chose for this sock. I don’t know. I did read on the label that maybe I should be knitting alterating rows with different balls. Maybe. To give you a better idea of the patterning of the yarn, here is the side view of the sock:

Pro Natura side view

I do have another ball of this yarn in a totally different colorway, so maybe I will try doing the alternating rows thing using the beginning and the end of the ball for that pair of socks.

I will have to get you pics of Bogey’s new bedding next time, as my camera battery needs to be recharged, and I have to get the house together for a BBQ with some friends tonight. Hope you all have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Do the Kangaroo Hop

  1. I’m absolutely gaga over both socks! What gorgeous colours! But then you probably knew that I’d be drooling all over them.

    As for matchy matchy socks, I’ve decided to just let the yarn flow and do it’s thing. Artsy socks are what I make. Yeah. Artsy.

  2. Mr. Penney’s sock is gorgeous! It fits you very nicely, I hope you don’t end up arm wrestling over them. I have read on those Trekking bands that they recommend working with yet another ball of yarn, like the first $15 you spent wasn’t good enough. I look forward to comparing one-ended Trekking to two-ended Trekking and then I will understand the Trekking people once and for all.

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