After: Dining room curtains

Woohoo! Another item off of Mr. Penney’s list. (Mr. Penney is quite the keeper of lists, which is, admittedly, helpful in getting things done.)

Here are the curtains for the dining room, photos courtesy of the better photographer of the two of us:

Dining room curtains - full shot Left curtain Right curtain Tieback detail Fabric detail

These are considered relaxed rod pocket curtains. I used the same reference books to make these as I did for the living room curtains. Since these were the curtains that I initially started out on before figuring out that they were not going to be full enough, I had quite a bit of ripping out to do before I could start sewing again. I also had the task of matching up the pattern that runs along the stripe, which gave me a little pause as I was joining the fabric widths using french seams. It all came through in the end.

 Mr. Penney likes them as well, but insists that we will be buying the curtains for the rest of the house….