Dress You Up


One sock down, one to go.

Pro Natura sock 1

I was happily knitting away on this sock on Sunday when I decided to take the ball of yarn to the scale to determine how much yarn I had left and when I should switch from doing the double basketweave to ribbing. Good timing, luckily, because I only had 56 grams left of a 100 gram ball; so I pulled out 6 grams and cut the cord. Ribbing commenced.

The bind off is a bit tight on this sock, despite going from 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm needle for the bind off. There is a possibility that I will have to take out the cast off stitches and just do a kitchner stitch bind off instead, which I seem to do ok.

And on Thursday night, I plied.

Mollusc closeup

The larger skein is 161 yards and is most of the 4 ounces of top. The smaller skein is about 20 yards that was left over on one of the bobbins after doing the plying for the larger skein. It will be good for swatching and the like. The yarn is about a sports weight, not the fingering weight that I was hoping for. Right now, I am thinking that I might use it to knit a hat; but I will let it sit on the pile a while until I am sure of what it wants to be.

Mollusc colors with fabrics

And what is the yarn sitting on? Well, that is my accumulating stash of fabrics. Don’t they go great with the Mollusc colorway? All of the fabrics come from Michael’s Fabrics. I have plans on getting deeper into sewing, with the worsted wools going towards dress slacks for me and Mr. Penney and the gray cotton shirting going for a shirt for myself. SQUEEE!

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  1. Good luck with all that sewing, Patrick, knitting and spinning work much better for me. Those are going to be some slacks. Your handspun turned out so nicely, the colors are amazing. The kitchener should work well with k1,p1 rib. When I tried it with k2,p2 rib, it turned out to be quite an ordeal for me.

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