Throw the Groove Down


Kelly’s wedding throw

I made this throw for my friend Kelly as a wedding present. She is one of them that contributed to the population explosion earlier this year. The yarn for this throw is a wool that I got at Webs. At the time, they had much more of this yarn. Also at the time, they had a two ply and a single ply; and it wasn’t readily apparent from the webpage which colors came in which plying. This mattered because my original design, which was going to be a shadowweave, required all of the yarns to be two-ply. (It was required in my mind, at least.) It turned out that only the brown and the green were two ply, while the gold was one ply. I had to change my plan.

Luckily, I had just found By doing some searching on there, I found this design. After making a few modifications, some of which were so that the design would fall where I wanted it on the throw, I threaded up the loom, alternating the brown and the green two ply and using the gold single ply as the weft. The sett is 12 epi. Here is a close up of the weave structure.

Kelly’s wedding throw close-up

I was kind of surprised about how the single ply puffed up and dominated so. It didn’t do that on the loom. In any case, I was happy with the result, and Kelly and Sandeep were happy when they finally got it. (I am rarely on time for these things…..)

2 thoughts on “Throw the Groove Down

  1. Oh that is very cool! I just love that design. Weaving is just magical to a muggle like me. A weaving muggle that is. 🙂

  2. I am always amazed with your weaving and the sheer variety of texture and color combinations. A hand-knit or hand-woven gift isn’t necessarily an on-time gift with all the work involved, especially when compared to the time required to just go online and order a gift from Target.

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