Same Script, Different Cast


And they are done!

Pro Natura socks done

They turned out ok. I think I might not do the Double Basketweave stitch pattern again with Trekking, though I do like the pattern. I also realized after the last entry on these socks that there is a repeat to the yarn’s colorway. On these socks, it is about 2″ (in rows.) It is easiest for me to see it in the legs.

While I realized I said I was going to start Mr. Penney’s sweater, I am still trying to figure out the design for it. I am trying to take all of the necessary precautions to make sure that I will not run out of a color I feel I need while in the middle of the project. I know I could probably get Juanita, who dyed the yarn, to dye me some more; but I don’t want to take the chance of a dyelot mismatch. I need to include Mr. Penney in the thought process, anyway. It will be his sweater, after all.

So in leiu of starting one sweater, I have started two socks!

Colinette Jitterbug in Slate

This is Colinette Jitterbug in the Slate colorway. This is just going to be “mindless” knitting, with a stockinette foot and a ribbed leg. I will let the colorway do the work for me. Honestly, I am a little surprised at how this is turning out. To me, it looked like there was far less color in the yarn when it was in skein form.

Opal Handpainted #13

And this is Opal Handpainted in colorway #13. This was also going to be another “mindless” sock; but after doing the toe, I think the colorway is subtle enough that it can handle a stitch pattern. Again, color me surprised. I guess I was fooled by the orange.

The reason for starting more than one sock is so that I have something portable to work on, as I have some things coming up where I am going to be spending lots of time in waiting rooms. Of course, there is also the “couldn’t wait to see what the yarn looked like knitted up” reason as well.

I do feel like I am kind of retreating to a safe zone at the moment, and not doing anything to really challenge myself. The rug, the sweater, all of that fabric, it is all waiting for me to get back to it; and I am just making the same socks, just changing the yarn and maybe the stitch pattern. I am not too worried about it at the moment; but if it keeps up, I will feel like I am just taking the easy way out.

5 thoughts on “Same Script, Different Cast

  1. Sometimes it’s necessary to take the easy way for a while. Socks do provide a fair bit of scope for variation within a few structural constraints, though, so I would imagine that you could mix it up a good bit if you choose.

  2. That is a fantastic color in the socks. (It’s VERY Roseanne.) And I’ve always been a fan of the basketweave, even though I can’t knit it myself.

  3. I love both of your new socks and sometimes the safe zone is where you need to be for awhile. I think you’ll know when it’s time to venture out. I hope all is well with you as waiting rooms sounds rather ominous.

  4. I’d love to be wearing my new sweater and my new socks and standing on our new rug when we greet my parents at the front door in October. Cheer him on, folks…Pat-rick…Pat-rick…Pat-rick!

  5. I’d like to see the photo of Mr. Penney wearing his new sweater and new socks and standing on your new rug, that would make a fascinating blog post.
    I adore your basket weave socks and I ordered Jitterbug in the Slate colorway. I think we are on the same cosmic color wavelength.

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