I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You)

No, I am not right on time. Le sigh. Reference

With all of the talk of the sock, you might think that the sweater for Mr. Penney with the soft deadline has gone lying by the wayside. But it hasn’t.

Long sleeve

I had to go back to doing the sleeves independently of one another because doing them at the same time was driving me crazy with juggling two balls of yarn, having a separate piece of knitting hanging from the needles while knitting the other one, and having the weight of two sleeves on the needles. It was all just awkward for me and was not going to get any better. I could tell. Thus they had to be separated. I did this when it was time to add another ball of yarn to each sleeve to continue. The other sleeve is now lying in wait.

Short sleeve with sock

I will get to the sock in the picture in a minute.

Now, take another look at the first pic in this post. Does it seem kind of slim to you? It should, because it is. It will go around the arm, but it will be a very close fit, even on me; and Mr. Penny has bigger arms than I do. That second sleeve is going to get ripped out, but I am trying to decide whether I should just forget the longer sleeve and just start over, or snip the sleeve where I actually think the width is appropriate for the cuff and just knit a new cuff. I have pretty much already ruled out knitting a filler strip because I don’t want two seams going up the sleeve. What do you think?

As for the sock, you might notice that it is different from the last time I talked about it. That is because it fooled me. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It fooled me. It had nothing to do with my abilities with logic and proportion at all.

The 68 stitches wound up being too big once I got further up the foot. I ripped back to 64, which I initially thought was too small, but turns out to be just right. It turns out that I did not take into account the make 1 increases are pretty tight and once I got up to the rounds without the increases, the sock relaxed some and gives a good fit. This is important because these socks are actually meant for Mr. Penney as well, and he is a size smaller in the shoe department than I am.

I am doing a 2×2 rib on the top of the sock because:

  1. it will help bring in the sock, size-wise
  2. it gives me just enough variation to keep my interest in a sock that never seems to end
  3. it helps break up the spiral effect of the yarn

I am hoping that I get to finish the heel before we go away on vacation so that I have done all of the hard parts and can just cruise on it while lying on the beach.

In other news, hostas have taken over our backyard.

Hosta takeover

They definitely have to be dug up and divided. Otherwise, we may lose Bogey among them!


3 responses to “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You)”

  1. I like the idea of snipping the sleeve and putting the cuff where you like the width. I did this on one of my mittens as flipping yarns created very different cuffs. I snipped the cuff, added more rows and grafted it back on in k2,p2 rib.
    I might have not spent so much time fussing with it if Mr. Penney had let me start my grasshopper socks (which would have distracted me), but his insistance that I complete my cotton socks was very good advice after all.
    I love the yarn for Mr. Penney’s socks and am very glad you have the correct number of sts, at last.

  2. The sorcery of sweater making escapes me. So I think I’ll leave any advice giving to other more experienced folk.

    I’m so glad that the sock is going well. If Mr. Penney is unappreciative of your tremendous effort, I give you permission to smack him over the head a couple of times. 😉

  3. Mr Penney Avatar
    Mr Penney

    I don’t think the sock is for me, gentle readers. However, the ‘slim’ sleeve for the sweater might easily be converted into a sock. I’d certaily be easy to spot in a crowd, wearing my sleeveless sweater and matching socks. Look out, Rehoboth!