Well, I got some good news last week. The investigations into the accident are over, and everything came out in my favor. While I never doubted that I was not at fault in the accident, things don’t always come out the way they are supposed to. Fortunately, they did in this case.

In more good news, I got the Monkey’s Wrench socks done!

They were Mr. Penney’s Easter gift, and they were actually all washed and ready for him on Easter morning. I was a little scared that the sea silk might be kind of rough, but a trip through the wash softened the socks up a fair bit, and they seem like they will be comfortable while still wearing well. I am sure Mr. Penney will give me a report soon.

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5 responses to “It Wasn’t Me”

  1. Wow! Great news – and not bad about the accident, either (seriously – that’s terrific news!)
    Take care,

  2. i’m so glad the car accident situation has been resolved as it was supposed to. i know it was weighing on your mind.

    great lookin’ socks!

  3. Isn’t it great when things turn out the way they should!!

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are over the hurdle with your accident. It didn’t sound like you are at fault, however, that can prove to be immaterial at times. If any of your weaving and/or knitting muscles have been hurt, I hope you get some type of a settlement. Great looking socks for Mr. Penney, it is good to know that the sea silk softens up.

  5. Great news about the accident. You’re right, you never know how things like that will turn out, no matter how obvious it is someone’s at fault.