Warp painting – scarf

This is my experiment with warp painting.

Warp painted scarf

See what happens when I have idle time on my hands. I had always wanted to try warp painting; and since I had accumulated all of the supplies, I went for it.

The warp and the weft for this scarf is a cotton novelty yarn that was purchased at The Mannings in Pennsylvania. The dyes used were from a Procion sampler pack. Both the warp and the weft were dyed with the blue, then the warp yarn was painted additional colors using a cool red and a yellow before the warp was placed on the loom.

Below is a close up view of the weave structure. It is a simple plain weave. The pattern requires 2 harnesses, and the sett is 10 e.p.i.

Warp painted scarf close-up