This is scarf has a great feel and drape due to the fiber and the weave structure.

Tim’s scarf

I wove this scarf as a birthday present for my best friend. And he has to be a good friend, with the cursing that I did with this yarn. I never felt I could get a good, consistent beat; and there were too many knots in the yarn for my liking. But the finished product made it all worth it.

The warp and the weft for this scarf is Zephyr, which is half merino and half silk. The warp color is mushroom and the weft color is sage. The idea behind using two colors so close in value was to allow the weave pattern to be since without being distracting. The softness of the yarn combined with the weave structure gives this scarf a great drape. (Twill typically drape better than plain weave.)

Below is a close up view of the weave structure. It is a combination of a dornic twill and a basketweave, and the sett is 24 e.p.i.

Tim’s scarf close-up