I Will Survive


Thanks to everyone for their responses and concern. I think I have the big loom cleaned up enough that things should be fine with it. The drum carder? I think will be ok. I am running some wool through it, hoping the wool will pick up anything that might have gotten into the teeth. After I do that a few times, I will try running some white wool through it and see how that comes out.

As for the fiber, it is mostly weaving stuff with some spinning fiber. Of that, most of it that was uncovered was the rug wool for the rug that I was honestly about to get back to weaving. That will teach me to procrastinate.

As for the rest of the stuff in the basement, well, the basement is a lot less cluttered now. There is still a ways to go. We have to clean the cement floor because, as of right now, the soles of our shoes turn black from walking on it.

Anywho, thank you all. And a special thank you to Roseann. This arrived on Saturday from her:

Sock yarn from Roseann

Ain’t that sweet? Thank you, Roseann.

The pants are coming up, I promise.


2 responses to “I Will Survive”

  1. It is a relief to hear that things are improving. I was wondering if the furnace repair people were going to replace your drumcarder. Plus, what about all the time & energy you have had to spend this weekend cleaning up?
    I’m glad the yarn was a pleasant surprise for you. I look forward to seeing these pants of yours.

  2. What a good friend Roseann is! I’m glad to hear that you got the big loom cleaned up. I can’t imagine the hard work that went into cleaning it up though.