Da’ Butt


Here it is, as promised.

I have been asked why I am sewing pants. Well, as far as sewing garments in general, I one day dream of making shirts and jackets out of my own handwoven material. But I am sewing pants for an entirely different reason.

Rear view of burda pants

I have a big ass. And large thighs. I have always had a hard time getting pants that fit because of this. So this that in mind, I have tried making a pair of pants from Burda pattern 7841.

And yes, I know that I need to press the pants. That will happen before the first official wearing.

The following is my review that I have posted on Pattern Review.

Pattern Description: Men’s dress pants with slash front pocket

Pattern Sizing: Men’s sizes: 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 (this is hip measurement in cm)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, for the most part.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Not really. I read through them several times, and it just felt like there were steps missing. I used the Cabrera’s Classic Tailoring Techniques: A Construction Guide for Men’s Wear along with the instructions. For the construction of the fly and the pockets, I followed Cabrera. For the rest, I followed the Burda instructions.

It would also be good if the instructions said what interfacing was needed and the pieces that needed to be cut from it at the very beginning of the instructions, rather than mixed within the construction steps.

What did you particularly like  or dislike about the pattern? Besides disliking the instructions, I think the waistband and the belt loops need to be wider. My dress belts barely make it through the belt loops. At least I know that the waistband won’t be rolling over.

I would also like deeper pockets. I think the pockets on this pattern are pretty shallow, especially for slant front pockets.

With all of that said, I do like the styling and the fact that they do not look like old man pants.

Fabric Used: I used a Zegna cotton that I got at Michael’s Fabrics for the fashion fabric. The pocketing is Salesia pocketing that I got from B. Black and Sons. I used Pro-Weft interfacing from Sew Exciting for the fly and waistband.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I followed Cabrera’s book for the pockets (modifying the pocket pieces from the pattern) and the fly. I also added a button loop on the rear welt pockets, as shown in Cabrera’s book. In the future, I would make a wider waistband and longer belt loops.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I may sew this again. I have some other pants patterns to try out first. I would recommend this for someone that is on the thinner side (which I don’t include myself in, just to be clear.)

Conclusion:For my first attempt at sewing any garment, I think the pants came out ok. These were to serve as a muslin to try out the pattern before I dive into my wools and wool blends. I may come back to this pattern, depending on how the Kwik Sew and Simplicity patterns turn out.

Ok, all that said, here are some more pics and a confession. Please, try to control yourselves, as you are about to get inside my pants!

Front view of burda pants Side view of burda pants

As you see, the fit isn’t all that bad. There are parts of the seat that need to be let out and other parts that need to be taken in, but for a first time, I think I did ok. There are parts of the Cabrera book that cover fit, and I can make the adjustments based on that.

Fly front closed of burda pants Fly front unzipped of burda pants

Don’t you feel privileged? I am pretty happy with how the fly came out. I will definitely follow the Cabrera’s instructions from now on, as I think it looks more professional than what the Burda instructions would have given me.

Rear welt pocket on burda pants

This was a combination of the Burda instructions for the welt and the Cabrera instructions for the actual pocket. I think I should have just gone with the Cabrera instructions, but I already had the Burda pieces cut out.

Failed attempt at waistband curtain

And here is the confession: I was trying to use pre-made waistband from B. Black and Sons and totally screwed it up, such that I had to cut the waistband pieces all over again. The problem. Once I sewed the pieces together, I didn’t pay attention to how I was trimming the excess away, and wound up making two waistband pieces for left side. I would have look really odd with only a waistband on one side of the pants! I gave up on the pre-made waistband this time and just followed the Burda instructions. Live and learn.

Bogey’s interest in pants

Oh, and Bogey is really interested in my pants. Just look at the admiration that he has for them. Ha!


11 responses to “Da’ Butt”

  1. Bogey is saying, “Dude, you belong on the runway!”

    You look great in them! Wear them proudly. 🙂

  2. Nice ass. 🙂

    Actually, I’m similarly endowed – ass and thighs – and have encountered exactly the same fit issues. At least I’ve never really had to worry about my pants falling off.

  3. Oh, and happy St. Pat’s, too.

  4. I think they look very professional!

    I learned to sew at a really young age. Pants were and still are the most difficult garment for me to make. I once (think Calvin Kleins) tried to make a pair of jeans. OMG they did not fit at all. Neither did the bathing suit. I think you did great.

    Happy St. Patrick’s day!

  5. This was your first ever garment to sew? Well, I’m impressed. Yours look good and I must say that I never found pants very easy to sew. Your review was very informative.

    Glad to hear that no one was hurt with the furnace explosion. Getting soot all over everything is certainly a drag, but it sounds like you’re getting everything back in order again.

  6. Karen Frisa Avatar
    Karen Frisa

    I’m so impressed: welt pockets, button loop, great job on the fly. Pants are so fiddly to sew and to fit, but you’re well on your way to creating the perfect pattern for you.

  7. Wow – very very impressive – and be grateful you have a waist to complain about, LOL:)
    Those of us who don’t, salute you:)
    Seriously though, really really great work!
    Someday I’ll actually meet you at the Sip N Knit!

  8. OMG! I can’t believe that is your first attempt at sewing a garment!!! They are gorgeous pants, I am amazed at your courage and skill. I have known you for a long time and never thought you had a large butt, fyi. It does look nice in your new pants.

  9. As someone whose greatest sewing project is flannel pj pants, I don’t know how you just jumped in like that. Great job!

  10. I am so impressed. They look great!

  11. Your pants look great!! You really did some research on the techniques-very impressive. I am so glad to find this review, actually one of my students found it, we just started making the muslin for this pattern, it will be interesting to focus on the parts you mentioned to see how we do!!