The Letter P

Sorry, no music today.

Today’s entry was supposed to be brought to you by the letter P, for pants, which I have finished. However things have changed. This entry is still brought to you by the letter P; but now it is for pissed, which I very much am.

This morning, as I was about to go out for my run, I hear the furnace go “BOOM!” I go downstairs to find black particles floating through the air and the front cover of the furnace blown off at the bottom. Not good. Especially since we have had the fuel company’s repairmen (a company that also starts with the letter P) out here four times in the past three weeks because of the fact that the furnace would not come on when it was supposed to.

Now I have black, oily soot on my floor loom, my drum carders, my dyepots, my fiber, etc. I am sooooooooooooooooooo pissed. And the fact that I am having to wait here for the repairman to decide to show up (it has been four hours now) is not making it any better. Funny as it may seem, I do have to go to work. It’s what helps me pay for the eff-ing fuel company.

I am so in kill mode right now.

Back to cleaning up. Any ideas of how to clean a drum carder?

6 thoughts on “The Letter P

  1. On the drum carder, the only suggestions I have are slowly and painstakingly. Actually, one wonders if it’s even worth the trouble of trying to clean the cloth or whether it should just be replaced (I’m assuming it can be replaced). If it’s cost prohibitive to replace it, you may try removing it and cleaning it with a long-bristled brush dipped in a solution of Dawn. This is pure speculation on my part, but if the only other alternative is to replace it anyway….

  2. Oh, Patrick, I am soooo sorry!!! It all sounds like a nightmare to me and unfortunately, it is all too real. How about running “scrap” wool through your drum carder to help clean out the soot? Maybe even something with little grease, as like dissolves like. Please keep us posted.

  3. Poor Patrick – I’m so sorry you have to go through all this! Good luck…

  4. Just read your blog post now… That’s awful about the furnace! And all of your stuff!!! I hope that at least the furnace is now fixed. There was an article in Spin-Off several (many, probably) years ago about cleaning drum carders.

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