Well, here is the status on the socks:

Blurry waiting room socks

Sorry for the blurry picture. And I don’t even have caffeine to blame it on!

Jitterbug first.

I am kind of surprised at how this is turning out. The color is pooling something fierce.

Gray pool rainbow pool

Also, I am wondering how they dye this yarn. I am used to the hand-dyed yarns that have a regular interval, but as you can see by the oh so convenient pooling, the color is not following a diagonal until the ribbing, and the color sequence get interrupted and changes here and there.

By the way, this is not going to be just a tube sock. There is waste yarn knitted in there for an afterthought heel.

Waste yarn for afterthought heel

I just knitted half of a round with some waste yarn, allowing to pick up the stitches and knit a heel with decreases and a kitchener stitch closure.

The Opal handpainted is something I love. Here is a shot of the stitch pattern, which I believe is called Cross Stitch Blocks from MSKS.

Stitch pattern

I have to try on the sock to see if it fits, as I was just knitting away without thought that I have to measure to turn the heel. There may be some ripping in its future.

Turned heel

My father had knee replacement surgery yesterday, so I was at the hospital with my mother and sister for the whole day. With my father’s history of heart problems, there is no such thing as a simple surgery; but all seems to have gone ok. He is supposed to be walking around a bit on the new knee today. Here’s hoping.

The knitting did help me get through the day, with another place for my mind to go. There was one woman in the waiting room who did not seem at all comfortable with me knitting. I could tell by how she was giving me weird looks and from some of the comments I overheard her making. Needless to say, she is getting no socks from me.


6 responses to “Right Here Waiting”

  1. I’m so glad your father made it through surgery okay! As for the judgy woman in the waiting room? She can stuff a store bought sock in it. 😉

  2. If she was uncomfortable, then she should have left. There are just too many people in the world who need to be slapped, I tells ya.

  3. I hope your father is feeling better now and I’m glad to hear he got through the surgery okay. Perhaps you can motivate him as he recovers by promising him some hand-knit socks. Like you needed that weirdo woman gawking at you as you knitted, how very rude of her.
    That is some wild pooling in your Colinette yarn. Nice autumn colors in your Opal handpaint.

  4. Glad to hear you dad made it through the surgery with his history of heart issues.
    Regarding the pooling (which I AM a fan of), sometimes the gauge/needle makes a BIG difference. I’ve found that it’s something as simple as a 1/2 size up or down in needle size can totally change the look.
    (And a side note: your email address you use on my blog keeps kicking back errors when I try to reply to you.)

  5. I am glad to see your dad’s surgery is gone OK!
    I also have a mom side has a history of heart problems. It is hard to see my grandmom having..

    Somebody told me Socks That Rock yarn has same problem as Jitterbug socks your doing…. You sould try some rib pattern work to work!

  6. The pooling is wild. Socks look great. aren’t people funny? Can’t get out of the box. 🙂 Truly, what would we do without knitting? Everytime I pick up my needles, or hug on my yarn (which is at least daily) I wonder what non-knitters do.