Hallelujah! You no longer have to email me to be able to comment here. Here is what you do:

Get to the log in screen, via Comments. If you don’t already have a password and user name, select Register, and you will be asked to supply the user name you want and your email address. The password for the user name will be sent to the email address that you supplied, and you will be ready to comment. Email me at textillian@textillian.com if you have any problems (with the site, that is. Although you could email me with other problems, I guess.)

I do moderate the first comment, so don’t fret if it takes a while for your first comment to show up. There should not be a lag to your comments after your first one has been approved.

What you say?

In case you are interested in commenting on a post, send me an email at textillian@textillian.com. (All the spammers are sending me emails, why not you?) You will be asked to reply to an email; after which, your original email will finally get through to me.

In your email, let me know what you want your user name to be, and I will set it up. I am doing this so that the comments don’t get overrun with spam. Also, I have been told that I am a control freak.