Baby, Baby, Baby (Baby)

This post is going to make it sound like I have been obsessed with knitting, which is kind of true, but only for the past couple weeks. It seems that there is a population boom going on, and since my loom that I normally make the baby blankets on is occupied, I am knitting baby sweaters. Here’s the scoop:

Knitting in progress

As you can see they are in various stages of the process. First is the sweater that is nearly complete, a matinee jacket (that is what the instructions say) that I am making using Classic Elite Provence. The pattern comes from a Wendy pattern book for baby sweaters, with me substituting the cotton for the acrylic.

Matinee jacket Matinee closeup

This was super easy to knit on size 5 needles (US.) I changed the ribbing on the sleeves to a garter stitch to keep with the rest of the edging, and the fact that the cotton was not going to be all that helpful with the ribbing, anyway. This took me about a week to knit, that is how fast this went.

I am onto the next baby sweater for a friend that already had her little girl. Again, I am using a pattern from the same Wendy pattern book, using Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK.

Back for baby cardigan Baby cardigan closeup

The yarn is hand wash only, but the baby’s mother is a knitter, herself, so she knows how to handle the stuff.

Our neighbor is also expecting, for which I have the yarn, but not the pattern yet.

The final one pictured is for my baby. I am making a V-neck sweater for Mr. Penney out of Dale Heilo using the Acorn stitch from the Vogue Stitchionary. I purchased the yarn when we were in Frederick from Eleganza Yarns. I needed a new project while we were out there at Mr. Penney’s condo, in between the selling of my townhouse and the purchase of the house that we are currently in. Since all my stash was packed away in storage, I needed a new project, and this is it. While knitting the front, though, it came to my attention that I was not going to have enough yarn to complete the sweater, so I had to order more, which, luckily, seems to match what I already have, even though it is a different dyelot. Here is a close up of the stitch pattern.

Acorn stitch

It takes a while to knit because of the mock cabling, but it is fairly simple knitting. It looks better in person than it does in the photograph. Again, I am not much of a photographer.

Happy knitting.

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  1. What darling baby sweaters! They are a fun knit once in a while, the colors and textures of your is very pretty. The color and pattern combination of Mr. Penney’s sweater is stunning, you both must be pleased with it.

    On a non-knitting note, we watched Music & Lyrics last night (Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore). I know you are a few years younger than me but I thought you might get a kick out of the 80’s type videos, it was very funny.

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