Sorry guys, I found a mistake in the pattern.

For the leg portion, where it says:

Do this for 14 rounds total.

It should be:

Do this for 12 rounds total.

This mistake on my part won’t affect fit. It just means that the cabling on the icicles on the back of the leg are starting differently than those on top of the foot. If you are already past this point in the pattern, I would recommend just doing whatever you need to do to make the socks match.

Sorry for the error.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday!

UPDATE: Roseann found where a knit and a purl got transposed in the first round of the cuff. The first round for the cuff should be:

Round 1: [(K1, p1) 3x, k2tog, (p1, k1) 2x, p2tog] 6x. You are back down to 72 sts.

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