Well, after completing two projects, you would think I would be all giddy and happy and all that. And I was. For about a day. Then I got all moody, wondering what to do next. Granted, it was not like I didn’t have other projects that couldn’t just get off my duff and get back to; but I wanted to start something brand shiny and new.

This is when problems happen for me, because it is in these moody times that I start a project that I am really only half-hearted about just to start a project. Self-awareness is a wonderful thing. This time, instead, I allowed myself to stay moody trying to decide what to do next. (Poor Mr. Penney for having to put up with me.)

Well, I decided on a project!

I decided that with all of the weaving and knitting that I have been doing, it was time to cleanse the palate, so some spinning was in order. This is wool and mohair roving that I bought at last year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, spun up in singles that will later be plied. Here is a closer look.

Pretty, ain’t it? The finished plied yarn will be used for weaving once summer arrives. It should make some nice scarves and/or shawls. I bought a pound of this stuff, and I estimate that I am about halfway through it at this point. Happy Spinning!

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8 responses to “Anticipation”

  1. Your handspun is beautiful! Did you purchase that roving from the Barefoot Spinner? I enjoyed looking at the links of your other projects. The Tickle Me Pink yarn you sent me has inspired me to finish my Peppermint Twist socks so I can start a new pair of socks with a clear conscience.

  2. oh that’s not just pretty, that’s gorgeous! and you just know that i’m totally in love with those colors. nom!

  3. Love those colors! Wish I’d had time to talk to you Sunday..

  4. I’m always interested to hear about how other people handle finishing and starting projects. I get very energized by starting projects, and seem to always have huge long lists of things I’d love to make.

    Actually making them isn’t quite as energizing, and until recently I’ve often bogged down in a tough part and let the project marinate for years.

    So for me, the giddy part is the start….the finishing not so much – because usually I’ve had to struggle to get to the point of finishing … or something.

    Obviously, I’m hoping to learn from other people so I can kind of smooth out the curve of giddiness!! More energy while the project is on-going would be nice!!

    The yarn you’re spinning is gorgeous!! Great colors!

  5. OMGosh…how fabulous!

  6. Very pretty indeed. Can’t wait to see it plied. And woven!

  7. Love the colors!! Can’t wait to see what it turns into!!

  8. Karen Frisa Avatar
    Karen Frisa

    I really need to learn to spin a beautiful singles like you do.