Try Again


You may have thought from all of the weaving posts that I had given up on knitting. But no, that is not the case. The knitting has just been going on behind the scenes when I would go to Sip ‘n Knit and when it would get too dark for me to weave.

And since I hadn’t posted about the diamond brocade sock in a while, you might have assumed that I had given up on that.

Diamond brocade sock ripping again

That was almost the case, but I am giving the (damn) thing another attempt.

Diamond Brocade sock try again

This time around, I am just doing a slip stitch pattern for the foot. Hopefully this time is the charm. (I have lost count of whether this is the third, fourth, or fifth time for the foot.)

Because all of that ripping makes the diamond brocade not very portable, I started this sock at weaving guild meeting this past week.

Green Tamborine sock started

The yarn is Sheila’s sock yarn in Green Tamborine. I love this shade of green. I haven’t completely decided on the design, but a tree motif will be involved to make it kind of Christmas-y, without limiting the socks to being only wearable in December.

Over the weekend, I finished up the first of this pair of socks.

Pride sock 1 done

The yarn is Dave Daniel’s superwash merino sock yarn in Kaliedoscope colorway. I haven’t started the second sock yet because I am going to try to document all of the steps that I do in knitting a sock for teaching purposes. Hopefully, I won’t get carried away again, and forget to stop and take pictures along the way. (The STR socks were supposed to be the example for teaching, originally; but I just kept on knitting. Oh well. My cast on photos for those socks were not that good, anyway.)

Bogey, dog of leisure

And here is our model, doing what he does best (and most often.) What an awful life he must have, lying around all day. Poor thing.

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8 thoughts on “Try Again

  1. I really do like your brocade socks, and hopefully the slip stitching all around the foot will work. Are those 32 inch KnitPicks needles doing the Magic Loop in your new sock? I recognized Kaleidoscope as I have a pair myself and made some Fair Isle mittens with the leftovers. Bogey is too cute!

  2. I know you got the pattern from “Stitchionary 3” but in those colors it reminds me of a gorgeous 17th century Dutch sailor’s hat (in the Rijksmuseum, photo online).

    In my experience stranded patterns use just a tiny bit less yarn per color but not enough to change yarn requirements significantly in an allover pattern. Those strands have to allow for room to stretch too. Slip stitch just makes them easier to knit.

  3. What a cute doggie!!

    Email me, the dying Queen wants us to think about some weeekends that we might be free to do this!!

  4. I tried to get Henry to look at Bogey’s pic, but he was too busy copying him!

    I like the brocade socks – I think they’ll be worth the trouble in the end, cause they’ll be stunning!

  5. Love the brocade socks — you could weave up a nice bird’s eye twill scarf to go with perhaps?

    And a pride tartan to go with your pride sockies?

    I’ve left you a little ‘gift’ at my blog, please drop by and pick it up.

    Weave (and knit) on!

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