One Step Up

And two steps back. Reference

Well, this is as far as I am with my mother’s sock.

Ribbed lace sock 1

Now, if you saw it last Wednesday night, you might be saying to yourself, “Funny, I thought he was a lot further along with it than that at Meetup.” Well, yes, I was. After finishing the heel flap, turning the heel, and picking up stitches along the heel flap, I noticed a problem. I didn’t have the right number of stitches along the pattern side of the sock. It turns out that I missed a yarn over in the pattern when I started knitting on Wednesday night. Most of my knitting time this weekend was actually spent un-knitting. Grrrr. From now on, I will be taking something that requires a little less thought as my travel projects, no matter what the (self imposed) deadline.

BTW, the pattern is Ribbed Lace from SKS, with the sock yarn from Sheila.

That said, I did get something accomplished this weekend:

Screaming pink sundress with short pants

I got the first of the dresses done. Actually, I still have to do the buttonholes on it, but I have to get the buttons first. I will review it further when I get the other dress done. Let’s just say that at the moment, it is still a learning process for me, but that was not unanticipated. It’s made to fit 3 to 6 months, and as long as you give it too close of an inspection, it looks pretty nice.

4 thoughts on “One Step Up

  1. I am really loving the socks for your mother, it reminds me of the Jitterbug Florentina that I bought for myself and ended up gifting to my mother. It is coming along so nicely, now, I have also missed a yarnover in a sock pattern before so I know what you went through. Darling little baby outfit!

  2. Aww, I love making baby clothes for girls! Smocked dresses were my favorite! The outfit is adorable.

  3. Oh how frustrating! You poor thing!

    I adore the dress. It’s just too darling for words. 🙂

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