If Your Heart Isn’t In It


Well, this

Francis Patrick sock

is now this

Francis Patrick ripped out again.

I just was not feeling this sock. It might just be the time of year, with wanting colors that remind me of spring rather than winter. In truth, I started this sock because it was there as I had finished Koi Pond socks and had no socks on the needles. (I was going to make an analogy to a bar at closing time here, but I have thought better of it….)

In any case, where one has departed this world, two more have sprung up. The first is one that I have been itching to do for a while now.

Slip stitch diamond socks

The pattern in these socks is a slip stitch pattern that I found in Stitchionary 3. I have had to alter the pattern so that it works over 16 stitches rather than 12, but that is basically the only change that I have made.

And if you’ll notice, it is cuff down. I am doing it this way because I am using two balls of yarn for each sock, so I suspect that I should have plenty (though the slip stitch pattern is eating yarn like crazy.) The yarn is Claudia’s Handpaints in Navy Olive and Honey.

And the other socks?

Jitterbug Parrot socks

Well, I am back to using Jitterbug again, even though it is so short on yardage. Basically, I could not resist this colorway. It is called Parrot. I was drawn to this shade of blue.

And that which you see with the sock is something that Lynn from Meetup gave to me a while ago but I have failed to post. It is called SoulCollage. She says it is kind of like tarot, and this image kept coming to her, so she made it and gave it to me. How great!

I will get into detail about my weaving and spinning experiment in another post, but for now?

So far,

Handspun warp for scarf on loom

so good.

And Stacey, I am still swooning!


6 responses to “If Your Heart Isn’t In It”

  1. Ooooh! I just love that Parrot colorway. I can see why it was hard to resist.

  2. Hey I recognize that card! 🙂 I like Parrot colorway too!

  3. Lyn Avatar

    The Parrot is lovely, but the Claudia looks nice to – I like the color combo!

  4. I love your slip stitch sock! I can’t wait to see more of it.

    And I love love love the SoulCollage. What a wonderful piece of art.

  5. I love your new Jitterbug socks and the SoulCollage with it. I appreciate you sharing that your slip stitch pattern is a sucker of yarn. I had no idea, I thought it would be the opposite for some reason. I like the colors, the contrast is great and they have a nice depth to them. So overall you are ahead a pair of socks. I look forward to seeing more of your weaving.

  6. Lyn is something else, isn’t she? Love your socks, can see why the other one wasn’t speaking to you. Sometimes they don’t and you have to use that yarn for something else. I find it eventually tells you what it wants to be (oh, did I just type that out loud, yikes…)
    Did you all get to see the Yarn Harlot last night? I just couldn’t do it. Fell asleep at 4:30. Long story.
    Take care,