Everyday I Love You Less and Less


Well, I am still working on Mr. Penney’s sweater. Sigh.

Trust me. It’s a sweater.

The sleeves, the back, and the one front half are done. What remains is the other half of the front and the collar, followed by sewing the whole thing up. All of my knitting time (which is not a lot lately because of the yard work and the work that I actually get paid for) is spent on this freaking sweater. I think this is why I got away from knitting for so long.

Back in the day (Roseann can attest to this,) I used to exclusively knit sweaters, for myself and for my family and friends. Big, huge, baggy sweaters. Hello 1980’s! But back then, I still lived at home with my parents and did not have a whole lot of responsibilities outside of work. I was also a homebody without anything like a home computer or Internet, so there was loads of time to produce a sweater per month or so.

Then, I bought my own townhouse and moved out on my own. I got out of the house more and took up a craft (weaving) that had a huge entrance fee (buying a loom) but that also allowed me to produce items a lot faster (if I didn’t get hung up on some detail.) Knitting became a backup hobby because it took forever, compared to weaving, for me to produce something.

And this year, I got back into knitting for a number of reasons. But now I remember why I got away from knitting for so long. This will probably be the last adult sweater I do for a while. At least one with a sort of deadline attached to it.

3 thoughts on “Everyday I Love You Less and Less

  1. Yeah, you can do it! I remember the 80’s too and those were big sweaters! Big hair too.

    Do you still weave?

  2. I imagine the size of the sweaters you knit is also what makes them take so long. Maybe what you need to do is find some petite Asian women to knit for. *hinthint* 😉

    Seriously, Mr. Penney will adore the sweater and be ever so appreciative of all the hard work you put into it. If not, send him to me and I’ll set him straight. 🙂

  3. It sounds like you’re in Sweater Hell as I like to call it, I’m there too making yet another Snoopy sweater.
    I remember the sweater you wore for the photo for the Aegis. It was stunning, cream with Fair Isle sections on small needles with thin yarn. Mr. Penney is very much worth all this time and energy, and I know you will be very happy once it is completed.

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