Natural dye blanket

This is the result of a natural dye workshop.

Natural dye blanket

My weaving guild had a natural dye workshop with Louise Wheatly. I had just received a large amount of yarn that I had spun for me by Taos Valley from Romney that I had bought from Triple R Farm. This is what I used this for the workshop, and is what I used to weave this throw.

The warp and the weft are the same wool, with the warp being composed of various dye experiments (walnut bark, indigo, weld, and coreopsis) from the workshop. The dye used for the weft was the exhaust from the dyebath of the walnut bark.

Below is a close up view of the weave structure. It is a simple plain weave. This pattern requires 2 harnesses, and the sett is 6 e.p.i.

Natural dye blanket close-up