Yesterday’s Songs


I was starting to put this entry together and was thinking about what I was going to say about the final product, when I realized that I have really gotten behind on showing things here and never showed the yarn that I used for it.


This is yarn that I spun a little over a year ago from two different colorways of BFL from Dragonfly Fibers. I got them when Kate had a trunk show at Cloverhill. The colorways are Cherry on Top and Ode to Sock Summit. I spun up each colorway and plied the two together. I figured that there was enough common between the two colorways that it would all work out.

I originally spun this yarn to make something for someone else. But we always think we have more time for things than we actually have, and I only got as far as the yarn.

Lately, I have been on a kick to use my handspun, so, with a year passing, I figured it was time to make something with this yarn to see how it all work together. I decided to make a small, simple shawl, which is what I had originally planned because with all of the color going on in the yarn, any kind of fancy stitch pattern or tricky design would fight with the yarn.


I really like how it all came out. The colors worked out well together. While working this shawl, I really enjoyed seeing the color combinations go by.


I gave this shawl to a friend of mine that just finished up her chemo treatments. She was surprised to say the least, and very thankful.

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3 responses to “Yesterday’s Songs”

  1. beautiful work!

  2. Karen Frisa Avatar
    Karen Frisa

    I’m surprised at the amount of color variation in the shawl, given that the two skeins look fairly uniform (though different from each other). I love the way colors can work out in handspun. Beautiful!

  3. WOW!!! That is one gorgeous shawl!!! I kept clicking on your photos to admire them. Your uncomplicated shawl pattern shows off your handspun yarn beautifully. I hope your friend’s chemo treatments go well, and I know wrapping your wonderful handspun handknit shawl around her will contribute to her healing.