Like a Feather


Back around Thanksgiving, Mr. Penney was talking to his mother. At this time, she hinted that it would be really nice if I could knit her a cowl like she saw at J.C.Penney. I went and took a look at the cowls that J.C.Penney was selling, and decided that I did not like any of them, so I was devise one of my own. And here it is!


The yarn I used is Dragonfly Fibers’ Djinni Sock in Wood Hyacinth – B side single. (B side single meaning that it is not the regular for the colorway). The cowl itself only took about a half of a skein.

The main stitch pattern is Japanese Feather from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker. The top and bottom of the cowl is just seed stitch. Since the Japanese Feather pattern is an odd number of stitches to the repeat, I did an odd number of repeats so that there would be an odd number of stitches for the cowl overall, and thus, the seed stitch could be worked as a continuous k1, p1, with no break between rounds.

Once I was done knitting, I blocked the hell out of it. I am pretty happy with the way that it came out, and my mother-in-law got it for Christmas and loved it.

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3 thoughts on “Like a Feather

  1. It’s very lovely. Your mother-in-law is very lucky – a son-in-law who is charming, talented and can locate a loom when needed!

  2. Your mother-in-law must love her beautiful cowl and adore you! Is there any knitting in Mr. Penney’s future? I wonder if he is now inspired to learn how to knit. I enjoyed hearing how you worked out the design and the seed stitch border. The yarn is so pretty and the pattern plays so nicely with it, creating one gorgeous cowl.

  3. Behind the times, as usual, but I wanted to say that I’m always impressed when someone knows that working seed stitch in the round with an odd number of stitches is the way to go. 🙂

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