7 thoughts on “Diamonds Are Forever

  1. Not only is Mr. Penney’s sweater stunningly gorgeous, it fits him perfectly!!! I can’t stop clicking on your picture to take another look. I think people will stop him in the street and offer him $ for his sweater.
    Please do give all your zipper installation details, as inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Hey textillian~~~

    I hope your having a great time on your NEW YEARS day!
    Hope eveythings goes will and big luck wish your best~~

    O my God..GREAT Sweater!Lovely!


  3. He looks great in the sweater, Patrick. It really a work of art. I love the collar details. (And I like how well the sweater matches the colors in the chaise cushions, I like that color palette, too.)

  4. Stunning sweater and model 😉 A perfect fit! I couldn’t make that with a pattern and personal instructor. Very nicely done!

  5. Wonderful photo AND jumper. In Australia we’d probably call it a ‘wind cheater’. Very impressive.

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