Undone – The Sweater Song


Ok, here some of the ideas I have for Mr. Penney’s sweater:

  • First, I think it should be an outdoors kind of sweater, as it is a heavier yarn and might be too bulky for just wearing around the house. (I believe Mr. Penney goes for thinner knits for indoors.)
  • For some reason, I am thinking zip front. Either a zipper all the way down the front, or a quarter-zip. I thinkĀ if I just made it a pullover, it would never get worn. If I went with buttons for the closure, it would look kind of old. Zippers are where it is at!
  • I seem to be stuck on argyle for the color design of the sweater. Thing is, I am not sure if I have enough of the one color (the darker tan) to do both the sleeves and the back, as most argyle sweaters only have the diamonds on the front. Of course, I could change this around; but I want people’s first thoughts to be “Look at that great sweater!” not “Look at that strange stuff on the back of his sweater. It must be hand knit.”
  • Saddle shoulder also keeps creeping into the picture. I think saddle shoulder defines the shape of a man’s body very well. Especially if you have a thing for shoulders.

Well, here are some links to what’s available in the stores, so that you have some kind of visual of what is going on in my head (as my drawing is atrocious.)

Item #1

Item #2

Item #3

Item #4

Item #5

Any ideas? (Especially, you, Mr. Penney.)

4 thoughts on “Undone – The Sweater Song

  1. I like Item #2, the half zip front argyle sweater by Alex Cannon the best. My next choice is item #1, the Ballantyne charcoal wool cardigan. The is something fresh about these designs. Item #4 looks too traditional, like someone might as him if he got his sweater at Macy’s. Please keep us posted about your decision!

  2. So is #5 included as an alternative to the argyle or more for color? I do like the sportin’ look of it. Of the argyles, though, I’d have to go with something along the lines of #1. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that light-colored business going on at the points. From a distance (or in a small, low-res photo) it looks bobbley, and I’m thinking that’s not a very Mr. Penney look, else his moniker would be something like Mr. Talbots.

  3. To zip or not to zip…that is the question. Hmmm…they are all very attractive and I am certain that I will love whatever you decide to make.

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