6 thoughts on “Tattoo

  1. Welcome to the club! Beware – they’re a bit addictive. I got my first at 37, a second at 42, and I’m getting another for my 50th b’day next year. I love yours!

  2. Though my one brother has one or two, and the other brother has a traditional japanese 3/4 suit, I have none… but I think about it. I’ll be 50 next year and wonder if I should do something with the dream animal and birthmark… but what do tattoos look like on aging skin? Mine’s fine for 50 and for now, but I have no idea what a decade will bring.

  3. WOW!!! They look great! Does yours go all the way around your arm? I see Mr. Penney has two, very nice. I have two myself (they are flowers). Maybe we should go together sometime and get fiber-themed tattoos!

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