Just Can’t Get Enough


Well, I certainly have been doing a lot of spinning lately. I bring to you more finished product!

This is the superwash merino from Enchanted Knoll in the Mesmerized colorway.

There is a fair bit of thick and thin in this because it just did not want to draft evenly for me. Of course, that is the fiber’s fault, not mine. Of course!

And this is the alpaca/merino/tussah silk blend from Spirit Trail. I spun it pretty thin (for me.)

BTW, none of the skeins that I have been showing you have been blocked or fulled. The reason for that is that I am planning on weaving with them; and weaving tends to undo the whole blocking thing, so I might as well just skip that part. If I was going to enter any of these in some kind of contest, then I would block them.

Other stuff is happening. More fiber is finding its way onto the wheel, and more socks are being knit, but that is for later.

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5 thoughts on “Just Can’t Get Enough

  1. That Spirit Trail yarn turned out beautifully. Great job on the spinning.
    That’s interesting about blocking and fulling. I always do that to finish the yarns. I also do the finishing whacking, too. Maybe I’m doing TOO much finishing???

  2. Love the Mesmerized colorway! You did a beautiful job on both, as always.

  3. If you’re not blocking your skeins then you won’t be entering them in the fairs, which I think is too bad (unless you have other skeins you’re planning to enter, or if you’re judging again).

    What do you mean by “weaving tends to undo the whole blocking thing?” It seems like your end product would be different depending on whether you began with blocked yarn or with “freshly plied” yarn. Or maybe you mean that you’ve washed the skeins after plying, but haven’t blocked them as in “stretched them while drying?” Hmm, but even then I’d think your end product would be different… (said the knitter)

  4. You have spun some beautiful yarns! I especially am intrigued by how thinly you spun the alpaca/merino/tussah silk blend. I see Mesmorized would be one of your colorways with so many shades of blue.
    You wash your yarns after spinning, right? I had no idea about weaving undoing the blocking. Thank you for your baby powder idea for spinning my silk, I will be trying that very soon.

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