Well, another two weeks and time for another update. Besides the club sock, I still have the heel experiment going on.

This time, rather than lining all of the increases up along the center, I am making the increases diverge from the center, forming a “V” at the bottom of the foot. I am getting near the heel turn, so I should find out soon enough whether this will work out any better than the first sock.

And, I seem to be on a spinning roll (spin/roll?) at the moment. This finished single is more merino from Enchanted Knoll, this time in the Mesmerized colorway.

It spun up as quickly as Silk Road, but was a little tougher to draft. Not sure why, but it just was not as smooth drafting. Nonetheless, it still only took about 35 to 45 minutes for me to spin up a half ounce.

Next up on the wheel is one of the alpaca/merino/tussah silk blends from Spirit Trail. Here is some of it pre-drafted.

I seem to want to spin this as fine as I spun the corriedale from Grafton.

As a matter of comparison, it is taking me between 75 and 90 minutes to do a half ounce of this.

And all of this spinning got me to get out fast flyer and extra bobbins that I have for my Lendrum Saxony and finally apply finish to them.

I used Tried and True Original Wood Finish that was a mix of linseed oil and beeswax. It worked great, only requiring one application to get the tone that matches the rest of my wheel, which I did with just boiled linseed oil (if I remember correctly) in three applications. Now I have eight bobbins total for my Lendrum. Woohoo!

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4 thoughts on “Mesmerized

  1. Your spinning has inspired me to try the art of spinning myself. However, I have a drop spindle and am not doing well (tsk tsk). I keep feeling I must be missing something in the drafting – my stuff goes from chunky to laceweight – scary! At some point, I just have to get help. I understand Cloverhill has a group who gets together the 2nd and 4th Friday. I may just try it!

  2. I love your sock and look forward to hearing the results of your heel experiment. You are spinning some beautiful fibers and have reminded me that I did not spin yesterday. Your Saxony bobbins and flyer turned out nicely, I wonder how much time you will save with the faster flyer.

  3. i adore both your spinning projects. what marvelous taste you have in colors. 😉

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