Silky Soul


Ok, so maybe you want a little more information about the scarves that are yet to be. I understand. Here is the one that is currently on the loom.

DD silk scarf close up

The yarn for both the weft and the warp is silk fingering weight yarn dyed by Dave Daniels. I have it sett at 18 epi on my 8 harness Baby Wolf loom. Here is the drawdown for the design in the scarf, to give you a better idea of what I am doing.

DD silk scarf drawdown

The reason why you didn’t see this in the previous post is because I was still working on what design to use. This is the third design I have woven on this warp, and I am finally happy with the resulting cloth (at this point, anyway.) In my first design attempt at weaving the warp, the design got lost in the changes in color in the warp. My second design¬†attempt (that was actually on the loom in the picture for the last post) had float in the design that were too long for the size of yarn that I am using. In this one, no thread goes over more than three threads in the perpendicular direction. (I am losing the non-weavers, aren’t I?)

In any case, progress is being made on it now.

One tip that I can give is that to keep the continuity of color changes in a varigated weft thread, I try to wind all of my bobbins at once, threading them onto a string. The first bobbin on the string is the last bobbin used, and the last bobbin wound is the first bobbin used for weaving.

Strung bobbins

One more thing: I am adding another scarf to the raffle.

Completed scarf Close up of finished scarf

And it is a prize winner, too!

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  1. I never would have thought to put those colors together, but gosh that silk scarf is beautiful. Excellent combination of color and design.

  2. Those are gorgeous together! And those silks will make a wonderfully supple scarf. (And I’m jealous of your designing software.)

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