Well, here is the result of my first experiment with weaving with “energized” singles:

Completed scarf

Here is the draft for it:

Draft for handspun scarf

The bottom half of the treadling (what you see on the side) was only done on the ends of the scarf as an attempt at a border. Because of the “novelty” of the yarn (fuzzy, changes in color and thickness,) I think the edge pattern got lost. Larger, simpler motifs seem to work better.

Close up of finished scarf

I seem to have to learn that lesson over and over again with anything that I design: “Keep It Simple (Stupid.)” I could have saved myself a good bit of work by just simplifying the draft.

The selvedges seemed a little wonky to me, and it is the only place that I might attribute something in the finished product to the scarf being woven with unblocked singles. I can’t be sure of this though, and I will have to do more experiments to be sure. It could be just that I didn’t do well with the selvedges myself, but blaming it on the yarn is kind of comforting to me….

I am pretty happy with how the fringe turned out.

Blanket twist fringe on hs scarf

I actually like how the colors interact here. I makes me want to spin the rest of the roving as a plied yarn. Originally, for purposes of fulling the scarf (wet finishing after the scarf came off the loom so that the fibers relax,) I just let the warp ends ply on each other. As Denise said at meetup, they looked like dreadlocks then. The blanket twist (similar to doing a cabled yarn) gives a more polished look, I think.

The judges at the festival really liked, saying that they had no advice to give for improvement and wanting to see a blanket version of it next year. We will have to wait and see about that. For now, a scarf will do.

Scarf on jacket

And I am happy to say that I think I have my weaving mojo back!


6 responses to “Wrap It Up”

  1. Very nice!!

  2. I really like the color interactions too. And it looks super with that jacket.

  3. Oh, thank you for the draft! I agree that the structural part of the draft is overshadowed by the yarns, but it makes a subtle difference in the overall effect of the scarf. It is a beauty.

  4. Wow, that’s SO impressive. I was considering weaving, but I think I’ll stick to spinning. There’s not enough time to ever learn to be half that good.
    That chart…whew.

  5. I am in awe of your weaving and like the look of the energized singles. I never thought much of knitting with them, in your weaving they add a nice depth. I look forward to seeing your blanket next year.

  6. I think it’s gorgeous. I’m glad you have your weaving mojo back too. I love the goodies you produce!