Work in progress: So what about those curtains

Well, things have not quite gone as planned. I made the first set of curtains for the dining room; but after I made them, both Mr. Penney and I were not satisfied with them. They just weren’t as full as they should be.

So, before I went off to make those for the living room, I called up Alexander Blank Fabrics and asked whether it was possible to get the same dyelot for the decorator fabrics that I bought from them. To my amazement, the answer was, “We can try.” It turns out they keep a record of these things just for these kind of events.

It turns out though that the original source for the fabrics (RM Coco) did not have anymore. I didn’t realize that our choices in fabric were so popular!

But all was not lost. The purchasing agent for ABF went through all of their other books for their other providers and found matches for my fabrics from other vendors. She order cuttings so that I could compare them to what I already have, and “Presto!” we have more fabric for the drapes. I really can’t say enough good things about Alexander Blank Fabrics at this point because of the service that they have shown me. I would recommend them to anybody, without reservation.

I just ordered the additional fabric, so while I am waiting for that to arrive, I am sewing the linings for the living room curtains and about to rip out the hems from the dining room curtains so that I can start over. Can’t say that I am looking forward to ripping out the hems, but I believe we will be happier in the long run if I just go by our original vision for the rooms.