More, More, More


Thank you all so much for your support in Race for the Cure! We have raised over $1000, thanks to you!

And because I want more people to win, I am adding prizes!

In addition to the shawl and the massage from New Horizons Massage, I am raffling off the scarf that got a first at this past year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

It is BFL wool, dyed by Fiber Optic Yarns. More specifics can be found about it here.

Also, I will be raffling off this scarf.

The fiber for this scarf is merino/silk/seacell dyed by Dragonfly Fibers. More about this scarf can be found here.

The drawing will be tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern, so there is still time! And if you have mailed in your contributions, please let me know so that I can include you in the drawing (the mail is a little slow!)

Thank you all again.

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  1. Congratulations on raising over $1000! You are very kind to add more of your beautiful handspun handwoven scarves as prizes. I look forward to reading all about how the race went and the prize winners 🙂

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