Dark Lady


Finally, something to show you!

My Poesis socks are done! And although I really love the resulting sock, I doubt if I will ever work with a yarn this dark again.

It was very difficult for me to see the stitches that I was working in anything but ideal light; and most of my knitting is done in our sunroom, which is great light during the day, but not so much at night when I do most of my knitting.

Nonetheless, the yarn is great to work with and I love how the color works with the simple stitch pattern.

This time, I did the increases for the heel gusset along the sole of the sock. It worked out just fine. And just to be (even more) different, I did what I believe is called a linen stitch for the back of the heel. (All that basically amounts to is that when I slipped stitches, I held the yarn to the front of the work rather than the back.)

They fit pretty well. Hooray! Onto the next project.

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2 thoughts on “Dark Lady

  1. They turned out beautifully! Doesn’t it feel great to complete a project? I look forward to seeing what is coming up next on your knitting agenda.

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