Run It!


Well, I did run in the Race for the Cure on Sunday, I just didn’t run the 5K I thought I would be running in.

I was stuck in traffic for over a half hour just to get a parking spot. At the time that the starting gun went off for the competitive 5k, I had just parked my car and was about to make my way to the starting line, over a mile away. I ran the whole way to the starting line to make it just in time for the starting gun to go off for the non-competitive 5k run. So, I ran well over 4 miles rather than a little over 3. What my time was, I have no idea; but I also wasn’t counting on beating last year’s time since I wasn’t training as much for the race as I did last year.

A little pick me up for the disappointment of missing the start of the race was finishing the fringe and fulling this:

DD silk scarf done

Here is a close up of the weave:

DD silk scarf close-up

It feels soooo nice now that it is fulled. I am pretty happy with the outcome. Hope the winner will be too!

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4 thoughts on “Run It!

  1. Oh I am so sorry you got stuck in traffic! How great that you still finished the race after all that. That scarf is gorgeous.

  2. I’m glad you made it to the race, what an ordeal for you and some extra running to boot. Your scarf is beautiful!

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