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Well, the Olympics are over. Kind of sad. But the happy part is that I did actually get something done during that two week period.

Super scarf completed

Call it a shawl if you wish, but I prefer to think of it as a Super Scarf! The fiber is a Romney – mohair blend that I got years ago at the MSWF from the Barefoot Spinner. I spun the fiber into a two-ply sport/worsted weight yarn a few years ago. It has been sitting around on a shelf, after the move here, waiting for this moment: its chance to shine.

I used the thinner of the two yarns as the warp yarn, sett at 8 ends per inch (EPI.) The thicker yarn was used as weft, woven in at 8 picks per inch (PPI.) The weave structure is a dornick twill (what none weavers will think of as a herringbone.) The weave structure doesn’t really stand out in this because of the weft and the warp being the same yarn, but there is some evidence that it is there.

Super scarf close up

I am pretty happy with the outcome. The tweedy look of it is something that I always like.

Where will the Super Scarf! go? Hmmmm….

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7 thoughts on “Olympic Theme

  1. Beautious.
    Your spinning and weaving on this really comes together perfectly.
    “Where will the Super Scarf!” Is there a contest, perhaps… 😉

  2. I adore the tweedy look, and it is brilliant in this super scarf. I’m also impressed that you could weave and watch the Olympics at the same time!

  3. What lovely texture! I appreciate the upclose photo. Your spinning is divine. It makes me want to spin up my Barefoot Spinner purchase, but I am sewing the Ocean Lace sweater from Hell together.

  4. Lovely! The colors are scrumptious and the weave shows them and the yarn off to a T. Muy Bueno!

    Weave on!

  5. Wow – beautiful work! Is it true that weaving is faster than knitting? Or is that taken up by all the front end work? Everything from the choice of fiber to the weave pattern to the finishing is just lovely! Such talent:)!
    Joan from the Wednesday group

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