After: Living room curtains

Well, one down, one to go.

Living room curtains

I finished up the living room curtains last week. Now that they are done, there is quite the sense of relief. Originally, I was just going to make rod pocket curtains, but Mr. Penney originally requested tab tops. After some consideration, I went with the tab tops because I thought it would help bring down the formality of the fabric used.

I used the instructions for two different books to figure out how to make these. The first book is Sewing for the Home. It was really the only one that I needed to make these; but I got the second book, The Complete Photo Guide to Curtains and Draperies: Do-It-Yourself Window Treatments, because I thought it would help Mr. Penney visualize what I was trying to do. I am not sure that it did. In any case, he is also pleased with the result; and that is all that matters.

I must say, that after doing these, this is not something that I will feel the urge to do again. I wouldn’t shy away from it if I thought it was the only way to get the curtains that I want, but can’t say that the experience was a whole lot of fun for me. Dealing with all of that fabric at once is kind of a pain. Maybe I just need more practice, which I will be getting with the dining room curtains, that I am currently ripping out the seams from.