It’s Over Now


Yeah! Another project in the Done column. I finished the socks I was making from my handspun this morning. I casted on for the second sock Friday night and was doing the kitchener stitch for the toe this morning after we got back from the gym. Working on 4 mm circular needle over 48 stitches means that it went kind of fast, at least for me.

socks at rest

The cuff is just 1×1 rib on 3.5 mm needles. Here they are actually doing their thing.

socks at work wow I can still get in this position

The main stitch pattern is the double basketweave from More Sensational Knitted Socks, with the basic sock pattern being taken from there as well.

sock stitch close up

I used two different skeins for the socks, as there was not enough left of the first skein to make the second sock without doing a join, which I was trying to avoid. I think the second skein used (I am not sure in which order I actually spun the skeins) was not spun to the same angle as the first skein used. It certainly was not spun as evenly; but fortunately, I really have to look close to find these areas. None of the thin areas wound up on the sole of the sock, so there shouldn’t be a big problem with the wear of the sock. I think…. I hope….

sock heel close up

I do like how the socks turned out. The yarn almost looks like a Donegal tweed to me, and I do love a tweed yarn. I have enough of this yarn left over to make at least a hat, if not two.

In other news, we saw Ratatouille last night. I did not take my knitting with me like some people, mostly because I believe I would have embarrassed Mr. Penney. It was an enjoyable movie, and a good night out for us, since we only see about one or two movies a year anyway. (Remind me to tell you the story of the first time that Mr. Penney and I went to the movies and we were asked to do a survey. HA!)

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day!

Update: Opal asked how I thought MSKS compared with SKS. As for pieces of information, there is not a whole lot that is new in MSKS. As for inspiration, which is mostly what I buy books for now, it is a great resource. The quality of photos and examples is the same between the books, but the organization is a bit different, with all of the stitch patterns being put in the back of MSKS. I prefer the organization of SKS for that, but I believe that they did it because there are two sock patterns with four stitch repeats in MSKS, and putting all of the stitch patterns in the back kept the editors from having to break a format.

Oddly enough, it was just yesterday that I noticed on the back of SKS the statement that it was the only sock book that you will ever need. I bet marketing is regretting that blurb now.

2 thoughts on “It’s Over Now

  1. i really love those socks! the yarn is fantastic. i’ve been debating on getting that book. how would you compare it to the first book? if you have the first book, that is.

  2. I do not take knitting to “good” movies, but I did take it to “Live Free or Die Hard”. Could you blame me?
    I love your socks! I cannot see a difference between them and I too go to great lengths to avoid joins.
    MSKS has some more detailed explanations, like getting the round toe to 64 sts explained row by row vs in general in SKS.

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