Through the Storm


So what did you do to pass the time while you watched the Weather Channel for the constant loop on Irene?

I worked on two things on Saturday.



The top image is of a pair of socks that I making using Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock in the Deep Ocean colorway. I started them a few weeks ago. I got the yarn from Cloverhill during MDSW.

The second image is of the front of the vest. I finished the back before the heatwave began and only recently started working on the back because I really didn’t want a big old lump of alpaca sitting in my lap during the hot spell.

I hope if Irene hit you, you didn’t suffer too much damage and life is returning to normal for you. It finally seems to be doing that here.

Also, a big thank you to Roseann for letting me know of a certain problem I had with the site. I think that I fixed the problem and have reported the issue.

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1 thought on “Through the Storm

  1. I’m so glad to see your website back to normal! Your socks are beautiful! I had so much trouble with my short circulars (they were a gift), seeing yours inspires me to give mine another try. Your alpaca vest is coming along nicely! I hope you, Mr. Penney, and Bogey were safe from the storm. I spindle spun some Bonkers superwash sock roving while I listened to Marky Ramone on my XM radio.

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