Closer than Close


This post may be of particular interest of Roseann.

No, it is not completely finished. There is still the fringe to do, as well as fulling it; but the Habu silk scarf is off of the loom, which is a big deal for me.

The colors are pretty true in these photos. We shall see after fulling (which is similar to washing, but is not meant to clean the weaving but to relax the threads so that they settle into place.) It may turn out pretty different after that. More to come.

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5 thoughts on “Closer than Close

  1. Patrick, it is beautiful!!! Thank you so much! I am amazed at how complex it looks and I love the colors. It turns out I have been sending off my knitted scarves to my relatives in very cold Pgh. I have my smaller scarves to hold me over till I receive your work of art, it is just gorgeous.

  2. Wow! At first I thought the gold stripes were just stripes, but there’s some cool patterning going on there too. Impressive!

  3. Very nice. I loved being able to get a close up look too. Beautiful weave and beautifully woven. I’ll be interested in how it fulls up.

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