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What this blog is for: 

This is a blog that is mostly about the textile crafts that I am involved with, namely weaving, spinning, knitting, dyeing, and now sewing. I hope to post at least once every couple weeks, either with past projects that I have done, projects that I am currently working on, ponderings on textile related subjects, and maybe the occasion off-topic post, just because.

Let me know what you think.

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To comment, go to the blog entry you want to comment on; and provide a screen name and email address and the comment that you wish to leave. Email me at textillian@textillian.com if you have any problems (with the site, that is. Although you could email me with other problems, I guess.)

Please note that using this blog’s comment section for spamming and the like is not allowed. You will be banished from the kingdom.

One thought on “About this site

  1. Hey Pat, how’re you doing? I’m visiting my sister Debi in Florida, and my other sister Cindy and her husband just came down, too. Both of them have recently gotten back into knitting – they both knitted years ago. Debi loves that blue shawl you made for your mom on her 80th. She asked if that was a pattern you had or obtained? Was it one you came up with? Anyway, she loves it.

    See you guys this summer.


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